Belgian Ultimate Frisbee Photography

by C. Wonz, a Flying Rabbits Ultimate Player

frisbee ultimate euc european championships 2015 ultimatelife

European Ultimate Championships 2015, day 1

25.07.2015 - Ceremony and Opening match Denmark - Sweden
frisbee ultimate beach soleil sable tournoi bruxelles ultimatelife

KO Ultimate Frisbeach

20.07.2015 - Small Brussels beach ultimate frisbee
Chinon 2015 Open de Tourraine Ultimate Frisbee ultimatelife

Open de Tourraine 2015 - Chinon (Ultimate Frisbee)

30.06.2015 - Matchs from ULB and Flying Rabbits !
WindMill 2015 final ultimate dive

WindMill 2015, some pics from the last day

17.06.2015 - Open & Mixed finals and Belgian mixed team

Les photos de l'Open de Touraine 2014 à Chinon

03.07.2014 - Ultimate Frisbee - ULB Team E